Additional Services

Additional Services

Tuckpointing Services

Tuckpointing is a method of pointing brickwork designed to make the bricks look neater and straighter. Tuckpointing is usually done for cosmetic reasons. Tuckpointing, sometimes called “pointing” is done by using two contrasting colors of mortar in the mortar joints of brickwork, one colour matching the bricks themselves, to give an impression that very fine joints have been made.

We have over 50 years of experience in our tuckpointing services. Whether a small repair, or a large job, we have the background in all types of brickwork to provide superior tuckpointing. We use high quality mortar for all our tuckpointing work, to ensures that our work will last a long time and look professional while being weather resistant.

Glass Block Windows

When it comes to basement windows, there’s nothing more practical than glass block. Glass block is weather-tight and maintenance-free. It lets in the sun but keeps burglars out. And installing glass block basement windows is nearly foolproof — if used preassembled glass block panels. Glass block panels come ready to install, with the blocks mortared together and secured with a metal band.

Add beauty and security to your home with maintenance free energy efficient glass block installed in your basement windows. No more painting, caulking, storm windows or repairing broken sashes. Glass block windows provide you with light and privacy.

Retaining Walls

If you are looking to add some accent to your landscaping such as a garden wall, retaining walls if you have a significant grade change.

Certified Waterproofing Inc. can work with you to decide what will be best by using all types of materials that are offered.

There are both manufactured concrete products as well as natural stone products that can be used for all types of garden walls and pouring retaining walls. Retaining walls are often used to highlight a key area in your overall master plan. Natural stone or segmental wall systems provide stability and structure in what may otherwise be a non-descript planting.

Bricklaying, Masonry & Complete Home Repair

Our bricklaying services include anything related to bricks. Whether a small repair, or a completely new project, we can help you complete your plan on time and budget while maintaining a high level of workmanship. We use high quality mortar for all our bricklaying work, which ensures that our bricklaying work will last a long time.

With ST. Louis’s always changing weather, bricks can be damaged from the stress they resist from the temperature & humidity changes. If you see crumbling or cracks appearing, we recommend a repair to prevent the need for a complete replacement. Certifief Waterproofing Inc. offers all brick, block, stone, steps, fireplace, chimney crowns and up door openings bricked-up, all masonry and repair.

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