Reasons Why External Basement Insulation is a Necessity in Every Home

Reasons Why External Basement Insulation is a Necessity in Every Home

A basement offers crucial living space in your home and as such, it has to be well insulated. However, it is not all about comfort when it comes to basement insulation. A recent report by the U.S. Department of Energy, for instance, delineates annual cost savings attributed to basement insulation in a 1,500 square foot home.
The rate of cost-saving varies from $280 in Washington, DC to $380 in New York neighborhoods and is even higher in some metropolis. According to experts, interior or exterior insulation for this living space is no longer an option, but a necessity.

To appreciate the reasons for this assertion consider these factors:

Reduced heat loss

In a new home, exterior insulation for the basement minimizes thermal bridging thus reduces heat loss through the foundation. By keeping concrete walls within your home’s thermal environment this reduces the likelihood of temperature swings if the AC is not working.

Ample protection for the waterproofing membrane

When an experienced contractor applies insulation over damp roof coating, it enhances the life cycle of the membrane by reducing damage during backfilling. Your basement is thus better protected against moisture seepage.

Enabling full-blown wall insulation

To apply exterior insulation for the basement, excavation down to the foundation footings has to be done. Most contractors will advise you to apply insulation coating from the bottom to the rafters thus enhancing the livability of your new home.


With external basement insulation, you will save a lot of money that would have gone to interior studs and a dry wall. Overall insulation of the basement is catered for through external insulation.

Maintaining aesthetics value of interior walls

When you have effective exterior insulation, there are reduced chances of condensation on the walls. This, in turn, means you have a better looking interior living space considering beautiful walls are a critical part of the interior decor and maintaining them is critical.

There is no denying that external wall insulation below-grade is an indispensable part of home improvement. With an established foundation contractor, your home will have a better interior space that is both dry and comfortable.
On paper, external basement insulation might sound like a DIY project but be forewarned lest you break your back. This is a specialized construction area which starts with damp proofing the basement walls, then fitting special insulation such as extended or expanded polystyrene.
From the process of choosing the most appropriate products, excavation, actual insulation and finally back-filling, a Certified waterproofing Inc. provides an indispensable service. These experts have the prerequisite tools, skills and exposure to deliver exactly that you want.

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